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Strobegirl and D’Jaly – You Can’t Stop Me Now (Beautiful Mix)


Strobegirl and D’Jaly – ‘How Are You’ EP can be found on SoundCloud.


by Walter Price


A Global Texan favorite, Strobegirl, has teamed up with producer D’Jaly for a chill new track “You Can’t Stop Me Now” from the brilliant EP ‘How Are You’. I chatted with the indie electronic star about the releases and here is what she had to say.

“I have been friends with Jon who is the musical mastermind behind D’Jaly for many years.He is a writer and producer with a special interest in electronica especially house music. He approached me in 2013 as he has a number of music tracks he had produced and was looking for a lyricist and vocalist. We narrowed the songs down to those that now make up the How Are You ep released in 2014. I wrote all the melodies, lyrics and did the vocals and Jon produced all the musical side of things. This ep is available as a name your price download on my Bandcamp page.

“We were always proud of that EP and the You Can’t Stop Me Now track felt like a particularly strong one. We actually entered it into a songwriting competition by the global brand Avon who was looking for songs that gave a strong representation of women. Although we didn’t win it was a good experience.

“Jon revisited the song awhile back and produced this lovely mix which was much more ambient than the original version and it became known as the ‘Beautiful Mix’. He spent a lot of time working on the mix and also go it mastered which has resulted in this very polished high-quality mix. We decided to release the track as a single as it is such a nice piece of music and we wanted to share it with everyone.

“It has now headed up to 10,000 online plays via the D’Jaly SoundCloud page has also received many radio-plays including by UK DJ Rusty Egan on his Electronic Family Tree show on Artefaktor Radio, where he praised the ‘good quality production’ so that was “great!”

So check out the video for “You Can’t Stop Me Now” and the EP ‘How Are You’ at any one of the links in this article.



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