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13. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

Stephen Robinson “In My Arms”

stephen robinsonby Walter Price


Multifaceted singer-songwriter Stephen Robinson has been going through a sort of transition of late. Taking leave from his alt rock perch and venturing into the earthier side of sounds. With a full studio at his disposal he’s decided to move in different recording avenues. Lo-fi wouldn’t be the way to describe it but it is more grainy and the slick has left the building leaving his guitar stylings, lyrics and voice to do the work of the fancier (if you will) trappings a studio could provide.

His second solo track “In My Arms” finds Robinson in the wilds as it were and nature plays a part in the aesthetics. A track that shows the vocalist stretching his voice in the most unique way. There are hints of Croce as was in the last single “Falling For Siobhan” but this time there are hints of the softer side of classic Rock N’ Roll. Whispers of Robert Plant or Dr. Hook perhaps

Before you check out the track below and decide for yourself, I sent off an email asking Stephen about the new track and his recording style of late and here is what he had to say.

“I mean we recorded the first one Falling for Siobhan at Colimore Harbour in Dalkey, Dublin. You can hear the sea crashing in the background. It was 6am and I was freezing and could barely move my hands. But we did the audio in one take through a link on to an iPhone.

So I did the same approach with next one and we did it early in the morning in Phoenix Park. There was a birds nest near us and every time I started to sing the birds would all go crazy. It’s all on there. It’s been a lot of fun.

So I have been building a recording studio at Volt Studio in Dublin City the last few years. It’s nearly finished and that’s where I’m record my debut solo album. I planning on a June release so I better Knuckle down and start taking this seriously”

Now, dig into the  new track from Stephen Robinson and listen for the birds…


Stephen Robinson: Facebook / YouTube / Volt Studios