Maija Sofia video
11. February 2019 By Walter Price 0

A Tangible Things FLASHBACK VIDEO: MAIJA SOFIA – “Stains” (The Sugar Sea EP 2015)

Maija Sofia – Stains, from The Sugar Sea EP, is available @ iTunes.

Maija Sofia video

by Walter Price


To paraphrase Chaucer, “There is an end to everything…”, and these things can and often do leave indelible marks. Memories wafting through moments of isolation. Powerful energies tugging and tearing at your soul. Irish singer-songwriter-poet Maija Sofia has a song traveling the emotional turmoil of such involuntary feelings. The track. “Stains”, is as beautifully ominous as it is sincerely tactile. And I’ve used its heft to soundtrack various comings and goings over the past few years.

Turn all the lights off and hide away the mess
and pretty soon we can learn to forget
the touch and the taste and the sound and the smell of what’s left.

The video, directed by Sofia, furthers the feeling of isolation. Filmed on the East-Coast of Ireland at Sandymount Beach, the film is nature and industrial clashing in an overcast landscape. Conjuring the songwriter’s experiences of emotional confinement. Pure poetry, both lyrically and visual.

“Stains” comes from ‘The Sugar Sea’ EP (2015).



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Song written, performed and produced by Maija Sofia
Video filmed and edited by Ciarán O’Brien
Directed by Maija Sofia with invaluable assistance by Niamh McShane


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