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9. August 2019 By Walter Price 0

Drinkin’ since 5, WKND SPIN: Pauline Andrès – Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club

Pauline Andrès is available @ Apple Music.

Springwater Supper Club

by Walter Price

Growing up in Texas honky-tonks, the son of a sawdust troubadour, it becomes a bit daunting witnessing hipster types trying to capture the realism of rooms that hold hallowed kinships and soggy memories for the sake of cool. It’s not something you can do with palpable integrity if you hadn’t spent time living it.

In her most ‘radio-ready’ track to date, Pauline Andrès’ lengthy titled “Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club”, is sentiments that no doubt, exist within such walls. Staring at the bottom of countless tumblers drowned in tawdry ambient conversations, pondering the one done gone. You can’t help but realize she’s speaking from lived experiences. And this track is just as much an ode to longing as it is a tribute to those fabled other-side-of-town dive bars, ginmills, and saloons…

So you went back to Texas
You’re probably in Gainesville tonight
Or maybe already in Austin
While I been here drinkin’ since 5
It’s just a few hundred miles
Oh what’s a few hundred miles?

Call Andrès’ unique brand of music what you will. Noir, barroom gothic, raspy drinking songs and/or smokey-Americana, the fact that her words are written from hope-filled and heartache truths, is why you should take this new soundtrack ready single for a spin. We have… the GTC WKND SPIN.

Hoping For The Best At The Springwater Supper Club

Amanda Gunnels – bass / Lindsey Isaacson – dobro / Dillon Napier – drums / Andy Ellison – pedal steel / David Peña – trumpet

Article cover photo by Tracy Allison

Springwater Supper Club

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