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16. September 2014 By Walter Price 0

Sounds You Can Try & Buy 16 September 2014

In this week’s Sounds You Should Try & Buy we’ll go on a sonic dreamy holiday, then we’ll get an earload of raw and dirty bar bluesrock and then we’ll have another look at a singer/songwriter’s album you should check out.

So relax, grab a frosty one and let us begin to dig into what we’re listening to this week and thoughts from around the web.

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Holiday Sidewinder & PBO –Born On The Wind’ (Personal Best Records)

Fresh off her addictive track Carousel, Holiday Sidewinder delivers a bundle of pop joy in Born On The Wind with PBO (Neil Richards and Holiday’s uncle Josh Beagley). Sidewinder glows in her lighter than air, dreamy under the stars and whispery come hither delivery on a track that basks in whimsical production wrapping a familiar subject of too young to fast and may the world care. And who doesn’t love an artist whose goal for the near future is “Planning to indulge in everything. I want to perform again, travel forever, sing better, dance more, and love extravagantly.” Right on… – Walter Price (The GTC)

I recently asked Holiday about the writing process for Born On The Wind, “Well. I wrote the lyrics and melody in the time it took my uncle to make a lasagna.” (AU) Tasty…


The Mojo Gurus –Who Asked Ya?

Right, no one asked us but we will say that the highlights are the lowlights with The Mojo Gurus. Often low slung, dirty and raw bluesy bar rock…that you can drink, get salty, get busy and dance your drunkin’ self stupid to. Kevin Steele wraps his intentions in a concoction of Hendrix, Jagger and Waits with Doc Lovett, Vinnie Granese and Sean Doyle providing the sometimes countrified and blues rock heartbeat. All in all a good time.


“It took about three months and it went great because we produced it ourselves.  I don’t like working with producers, they just seem to get in the way of interpreting our songs.  Nobody knows our music better than we do.” – Kevin Steele (Screamer)

Cole Washburn –Traveler’s Moon’ (Gravity)

Walking a fine line of Americana and the melodically shadowy, hopeful and lovelorn side of contemporary country Cole Washburn’s Traveler’s Moon is an infectiously beautiful and thoughtful set of tracks. Another one of those situations I scratch my head in amazement that this cat isn’t storming the charts but then again…who needs that bs when sounds like this will certainly build Cole a loyal and deep rooted fan base and the rest will certainly follow. These are the songs you want stuck in your noggin.

I don’t know who Washburn was talking to but he said this of Traveler’s Moon on his website, “I’ve been writing these songs for about two years now.  Sometimes I would get just a few lines or a chorus and then file it away for a few months.  Other times, like with Anastasia, I wrote that pretty much all at once.  Each song has a special meaning to me.  The first track “Anastasia” is really a song about addiction, recovery and redemption.  Not only does the guy get his life together he also re-unites with the love of his life.  So as sad as it may start out, it really is a song full of hope.  It’s funny with that one cause I have a friend named Anastasia and she kinda dared me to write a song with her name in it.  So that was the catalyst, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I was very honored to have the legendary Phil Madeira play on this as well as the extremely talented Kyle Everson and Anna Register.  The whole process was a complete blast, to be honest.” He chats up all 6 tracks in good fashion and you can check it out HERE.

Thanks for making these songs Cole. – Walter Price (The GTC)

What are you listening to this week?