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So Far For Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr – ‘Messnger’
Out Now Worldwide

By Walter Price

I think it would be true if I wanted to say that my teenage years wouldn’t have been the same without Johnny MarrMorrisseyAndy Rourke or Mike Joyce

Sure their band, The Smiths, ensured that I’d wear black on the outside because black was how I felt on the inside. Which I didn’t, I never really felt all dark and gloomy no matter how hard I tried. But it was my scene, my gang man…The Smiths fed us the kind of lyrics and low-fi rock n’ roll we needed to stand out from the pop-rock hair-rock synth-pop that was killing much of radio, or so our goofball acid driven minds thought at the time.

As I got a bit older and The Smiths had imploded, I started to think that there would never be another band that would or could affect me the same way the moody boys from the UK had. 

Apparently I moved on and so did the two driving forces behind The Smiths.

Morrissey went on to a successful recording, touring and bewildering quote providing career. As Johnny Marr went off to work with some of the most noteworthy bands of the past couple decades: Pearl Jam, The The, Electronic, The Cribs, Modest Mouse and so on (Full List here).

Now, after some 26 years or so, since the band called a stop to it all, Johnny Marr has gone solo! His Messenger was released in February to critical and chart success. Not even a glimpse of surprise entered my odd shaped skull.

This album is a full-on Marr guitar riff & lyric smorgasbord of awesomeness! Your ears will joyfully and instantly recognize the classic Marr guitar stylings and your soul will be drawn into his lyrical achievements on this release. 

This album could have been released at anytime in the past 30 years and been so very relevant and that is amazing. You must find this out for yourself, you’ll come out a happy person from the experience. (maybe we can get our Alle Royale to do a proper review soon)

Why did I start this rant in the first place…oh, yes. I read a very interesting interview Johnny did with Metro this morning and he had some grand things to say.

 “I can’t stand what passes itself off as R&B – it strikes me as completely aspiring to materialism and sentimentality.” -Johnn Marr (Metro)

He goes on about his dislike of Queen, Smiths covers/tributes and himself his new solo career. 

Please give it a read, click HERE!

Johnny starts an extensive tour on 4 October, find the full schedule here.

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