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19. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…throw em in the SNAILMATE Trash, Baby

Snailmate Trash, Baby is available on Bandcamp, Tidal, Spotify


by Walter Price

I’m new to the much respected underground sensation known as Phoenix’ Snailmate. The popsicle-armed song that sparked up this fresh relationship is called “Trash, Baby” and it’s a bombastic cranium burster that feels like MC 900 Ft. Jesus, Faith No More, and Tomahawk all mushed together into a vulnerable punk rock, groove-heavy concoction.

Its pointed and self-reflecting lyrics kick the conventional rhythm and rhyme format out the window, rather vocalist Kalen Lander uses his vocal dexterity to twist, churn and spit spoken word poetry out like a raging self-aware master of wordsmithery. And almost surprisingly, you can dance to it.

I get em
I take em home and love em
And then I throw em in the trash, baby
I don’t know why I’m like that
I make it
I give it hugs and kisses
And then I throw it in the trash, baby
I’m out of my mind sometimes
What was I talking about

Oh yeah, it’s me, mister impaled through the brain
And I’m coming back to tell you to rage quit the game
It’s easy
Give yourself a dollar every time you complain
And punch your own face when you start to feel great
And then you learn to vomit all the time all over yourself
And then you hot step baby til you’re all up in hell
That shit is awesome, you’ll always get a mouthful
And your fucking popsicle never melts

To smear even more initial love bubbles onto this duo, a quote on their website reads, “The message of our music is that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling anxious or sad or just uncertain, we understand. We are feeling it too. Life is short and weird and sometimes crappy, so let’s have some fun.”

What’s not to dig…

You can stream “Trash, Baby” as well as their Top Spotify Tracks, here at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook // Quotes via // Lyrics via Bandcamp

Written & Performed by Snailmate
Produced by Kalen Lander
Recorded & Mixed by Ari Leopold
Published by Snailmate 2022
Mastered by Elliot James

Kalen Lander
Bentley Monet

website // facebook // youtube

Life is too short to be someone you’re not, or pretend to like things just to fit in. It’s not easy, trust us. But once you get outside of your comfort zone you start to meet other real people and you realize you’re not alone.” – bio

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