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In Her Own, She’s Right, Words: The Slits ARI UP on the false trashy-rebellion in pop music

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“I didn’t know it would come to this, where everything is like a factory. You see Lady Gaga and she is dressed all crazy in these space-age outfits, but she is totally straight, she isn’t a rebel. I can see straight through her, she is business. Her sexuality is so trashy and cheap and she is just singing about having too much and fucking about and being vulgar. People think that is rebellion. When you look at the philosophy, it is scary. Even Britney is on this really sexual out there thing. All these girls are so groomed and polished and are being put out there as an industry or as a gimmick. It is scary to think that this is how women are meant to look.”




The quote comes from the Janine Bullman article for LOUD AND QUIET. / Cover photo by Ian Dickinson.





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