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30. December 2022 By Walter Price 0

…blissfully distant, DUCKS! Shiver

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DUCKS! Shiver

by Walter Price

Fretting over what new tracks to add to your after-hours New Years’ playlist? Looking for something silky and quirky, old school loungy and slow sway inducing? Perhaps something with a weighty message about the post-pandemic mental anxiety many have ourselves navigating? Ok, Okay…the new single ‘Shiver” from Berlin-based duo DUCKS! is all that and its message is heavy but its sharp edges are softened once again by production and composition styles that’ll smooth everything out in the end, probably.

Or as the dynamic duo, Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan, introduce their latest underground triumph, “How long has that car been parked outside? Who is the woman at the window? Where’s that saxophone coming from? The new Ducks! single, β€˜Shiver’, is spooky film-noir jam, like a lost Raymond Chandler screenplay set to a neo-trip-hop score.”

And know that you are insignificant
I won’t be reminiscing
Won’t be missing your twisting
Just blissfully distant
Now don’t you try and follow me, baby
You should be ashamed
Once you’ve walked out that door
I never wanna see your face again

With “Shiver”, DUCKS! once again prove they’re the party people with depth.

DUCKS! Shiver

Band photo by Harriet Richardson // Lyrics via Bandcamp // Quote & Bio courtesy of DUCKS!

Written, produced and mixed by Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan
Lani: vocals, melodica, bass, saxophone, keys
Craig: beats, tapes, radio, synth
Yvois: tiny spoken cameo

Mastered by Fred Kinbom at Madame Vega’s Boudoir
Artwork by Marissa Bagley

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Onstage, Ducks! create the party they wish to see in the world, bringing an audio-visual spectacle of riotous indie disco and colourful plumage to your earholes and eyeballs.” – bio

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