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GTC Has Fresh Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017, Real Rock And Roll has fresh track picks.

september 21

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Tracks by Tarot Rats, The Tommyhawks, and BlackWaters!!!

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TAROT RATS – ‘When We Were Young’

by Maria Savva

Tarot Rats’ latest single is the awesome, “When We Were Young”. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric track that has been released in advance of their upcoming new EP, “3.0”, scheduled for release on 22nd September 2017. Visit for more information.

You can stream the single on Spotify and add it to your playlists:

Buy on iTunes:

Tarot Rats will hold a launch gig for the EP at Tunbridge Wells Forum on the release day, with special guests, Empyre, and Honey Drive. More details here:


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THE TOMMYHAWKS – ‘Summertime’

by Maria Haskins

Every track by The Tommyhawks is a bit like a strange and exquisite pearl: one-of-a-kind, lustrous, and perfect. The new track ‘Summertime’ is no exception. It has that beautifully laidback feel, a saxophone, those amazing vocals, and that jangly, dreamy, golden vibe… there is just so much to love here.

The Tommyhawks has several gigs lined up this month, in support of their EP-launch. Check them out live if you can!

The Tommyhawks are based in Perth, Australia, and they are:

  • Addison -Vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo
  • Ness -Bass
  • Jess -Drums, percussion
  • Thea -Sax, vocals

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BLACKWATERS – ‘Let the Good Times Roll’

by Neil Schiller

It’s Thursday, which must mean it’s time for some full-on punk revival music. BlackWaters are a band from Guildford in Surrey and sound to me like a cross between The Undertones and The Libertines. (They have more raw energy than the latter, but I think it’s the accent that reminds me of them).

There were a couple of tracks of theirs I could have picked, but in true punk style, they’re a bit liberal with their expletive song titles. This is one of the safest, and one of the best tracks they’ve done so far. Play it loud. It’ll cheer you up, and it’s almost the weekend…


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