Screamin' Miss Jackson
27. March 2018 By Walter Price 0

Legit Sounds Four: Screamin Miss Jackson & the Slap Ya Mama Big Band – “Old Bones”

Screamin Miss Jackson & the Slap Ya Mama Big Band are available on iTunes.

Screamin' Miss Jackson and the Slap Ya Mama Big Band

by Walter Price


In the fourth installment of our series Legit Sounds, we’ll check in with a GTC top pick, the UK’s  Screamin Miss Jackson & the Slap Ya Mama Big Band. ‘Legit Sounds’ is a celebration of the artists who transform music from past eras and create something fresh for the now.

Screamin Miss Jackson & the Slap Ya Mama Big Band are on a bit of a different path. Blending blues, Dixieland, folk, and a few odds and ends, but not in modern incarnations. They keep things straight traditional. Which is a fascinating and tactile juxtaposition. The band is from the United Kingdom but their love and respect for the sounds made famous in New Orleans and the Mississipi Delta is palpable. If not a bit perplexing at your first encounter. Yet, a feeling that quickly evaporates.

Over the years I’ve come to know a few members of this outfit and there is no doubt that this band lives the music they produce. And one of their finest examples is the 2015 single, “Old Bones”. Vocalist April Jackson mesmerizes in her hints of blues and ragtime delivery and the band is brilliantly true to the traditional arrangement. And, the track is a blast to blast. And sometimes, that is really all you need…



April Jackson – Marc Griffiths: – Mark Legassick:- Henry Slim – Mandrake Fantastico – AJ Murdoch

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