robyn hitchcock
12. May 2015 By Walter Price 0

Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift

robyn hitchcockFollow your money, follow it through the trees, follow it on the breeze…

by Walter Price


Call it cosmic destiny or what you will but the pairing of revered songwriter Robyn Hitchcock and brilliant Australian sad-songstress Emma Swift together have a sound quality that reaches deep into the soul and dwells like a poetic drifter.

Case at point their recent Record Store Day collaborative 7” “Follow Your Money” (Yep Roc) lingers in hypnotic cinematic tones and titillates with magnetic harmonies usually reserved for dreamy stardust blanketed romantics. Rightfully so, this Hitchcock crafted persistent and near eerie late-night sobering ode to do what you must capitalism is rich.

Sometimes what is meant to be, just will…


Robyn Hitchcock: Facebook / Website / Twitter

Emma Swift: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp