Rick Drevet Rick and Friends
27. July 2022 By Walter Price 0

RICK DREVET Rick and Friends LP

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Rick Drevet Rick and Friends

by Walter Price

Following in the hallowed footsteps of The Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, J. Geils, and the like, comes an LP of 12 tracks of pure Americana rock and blues called “Rick and Friends”. Helmed by veteran musician Rick Drevet, this album is a true throwback to all those days when the lure of roadhouses and out-of-the-way music halls were all the rage.

Although this album is solid from top to bottom, a few tracks you should keep an ear out for include the biographic “Livin’ Day to Day”, the love letter to the open blacktop beast that is “Shakin’ Sally”, the 80s vibed “Don’t Look There”, and tender “Sweet Jackie”.

“Rick and Friends” is an album that’ll thrill all fans of good ole fashioned bluesy rock guitar licks, substantial songwriting honesty, and hooky Southern rock n roll. You can stream the LP in full, here at the GTC.

RICK DREVET Rick and Friends

Artist photo, artwork, and biography quote courtesy Rick Drevet

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Seasoned professionals, Rick Drevet and Mark Pappalardo collaborate on a new musical venture. Their vast musical and life experiences, energizes them to create classics that will stand the test of time. They share a life, and values philosophy of pulling from actual experiences. Reaching deep into their hearts and souls, to find creative and poetic ways to convey these true stories to you, their fans. We sincerely hope you find their journey moving, entertaining, and enjoyable.” – bio

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