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17. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

Review: Sticky Boys “Make Art”

Yes, Sticky Boys’ sound is influenced by AC/DC, but these guys have their own rough and sticky boysrowdy vibe, and they know how to craft some great tunes.

by Maria Haskins


French rockers Sticky Boys caught my attention a couple of years ago with their terrific debut albumThis Is Rock ‘N Roll.The follow up Make Art is another blast of no-nonsense, let-it-all-hang-out rock with riffs hot and crunchy enough to cure what ails you, drums and bass that’ll make your floor-boards shake, and raw vocals that sound as if they’re steeped in beer, booze and partying until the sun comes up. The band’s infectious energy is undeniable, and a big part of the appeal is their obvious sense of humour, and the total and honest commitment to what they do: making fun-loving hard rock stripped of pretense and artifice.

Yes, Sticky Boys’ sound is influenced by AC/DC, but these guys have their own rough and rowdy vibe, and they know how to craft some great tunes. Make Art starts off with a power-trio: the hard-hitting “Mary Christmas”; the speedy and rough “Bad Reputation” which barrels down the highway to hell in grand style; and the knockout thump and grind of the fabulously catchy “High Power Thunder” – decked out with a riff that’ll hook you right off the bat.

This album packs several crackling party-starters. “Mrs Psycho” swings and struts and satisfies; and the brash “Uncle Rock” is just plain awesome: it’s the kind of track that is too much fun to resist, and by the time that sticky boysguitar really kicks in at 2.30 it is just glorious.

Other great tracks include “Love On The Line” which starts off with a dominating riff and a bass-line with enough potency to knock your dirty socks off; the fast and furious “The Game Is Over”; and “Juicy Lucy” with its cheeky-bastard lyrics.

Sticky Boys finish off the album with the title-track “Make Art” – a rousing pick-me-up anthem that gets better and better every time I listen to it, and which dispenses some true wisdom about what’s really important in life and art: “Forget about 4 star suites / keep making 4 bar beats…/ Get rid of what is fake / hold on to what you make“. To me, that sounds like a solid philosophy.

In the great debate about whether rock is still socially relevant, or dead, or dying, whether it has been reborn, reincarnated, recycled, or is just treading water at the moment, it might be easy to forget that rock’n’roll can actually be a heck of a lot of fun. Make Art is a reminder of how entertaining it is when a band just rocks the hell out. It’s simple, really: Do you want to rock? Do you want to have fun with some French guys who know just what they’re doing, and do it really well? Do you want to bang your head and maybe drink a cold beer, or twenty? Then Sticky Boys’ Make Art is the perfect soundtrack for you.


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  • Alex Kourelis – Guitars/Vocals
  • J.-B. Chesnot – Bass/Vocals
  • Tom Bullot – Drums/Vocals


  1. Mary Christmas
  2. Bad Reputation
  3. High Power Thunder
  4. Mrs Psycho
  5. Uncle Rock
  6. Party Time
  7. The Future Is In Your Hands
  8. Love On The Line
  9. The Game Is Over
  10. Juicy Lucy
  11. Make Art

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