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Review: Citizen Charlie – ‘Up Yours’

By Alle Royale

It’s been a long time not hearing any news from CC but, in the end, after a meticulous research, our detectives of the rock’n’roll bureau finally tracked her down, renewing, among our staff, the interest for the two records she released: a self-titled debut in 2008 and ‘Up Yours’, in 2010, a much sexier cover artwork affair, with some smoking rock music to match. Obviously, I chose to review the second, for it being visually more attractive and musically more complete and mature…ok, for it being visually more attractive. I never had the chance to catch Citizen Charlie performing live but, listening to the vibrant rock powerhouse she can deliver from inside the walls of a studio, I’m pretty sure that these same songs sound like a beast unleashed, once set free on a stage.
Obtaining a live sound on a studio recording, it has always been a sort of an holy grail in rock history annals; the fact that Citizen Charlie, the band, can play with such raw intensity, no matter the situation, for me it’s the most inspiring and peculiar aspect of the album. ‘Up Yours’ is a record clearly and cleverly produced to appeal to a wide audience; catchy choruses and no-nonsense guitar parts are de rigueur, but it’s the natural gift of being up to date and spontaneous at the same time, that really sets CC apart from the Courtney Loves of her generation. Maybe it’s the subtle, but ever present Scan-rock element, maybe it’s the innate sense for melody that seems to grace every band, of every genre, coming from northern Europe; whatever it is, you could never mistake these stabs of American power rock for being American. Even if the dark haired Norvegian has been two years away from the music scene, disillusioned with the biz, we now know she’s still got a lot of music inside her, just waiting to be heard. Let’s hope she’ll be back soon to kick the music business in the guts, and take her revenge; next time I won’t miss the opportunity of attending in the first, sweaty row.  
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