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2. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Mustered Courage

mustered courageSlammed shut, fingers in the door.No witness that can verify the evidence flaws.A nickel for the truth or a penny for your thoughts…

by Walter Price


I could spend my time easily writing about the killer musical virtues of Melbourne, Australia’s Mustered Courage. Maybe I would start with the band’s solid Appalachian leaning folk and steep bluegrass foundations. Or perhaps I could go on about the subtle yet dynamic songwriting, story telling really, even better the well-honed multi-part harmonies that either cause a dancing urge or stirs the soul (often both at once). But those attributes can be easily found by listening to their music.

I’ve been listening to the band for some time now and following their moves on social media like a stalking panther and what impresses me is the way they treat their fans. In the current flood of not too impressive pre-rockstar attitudes before anything has really happened to a career it is nearly unbelievable how Mustered Courage speak to and not at or down to the ones who are supporting their musical aspirations. Breath of fresh air to see what these fellas (Julian Abrahams,Josh Bridges,Nick Keeling) have to say and the wonderment they are finding on their current Can’t Hide From the Moonshine Tour US tour. Checking off entries on their buckets lists like seeing Buck Owen’s Crystal Palace, hitting the studio with secret guest in LA, playing main stage at Telluride Bluegrass Fest and a ‘wild night’ in Las Vegas.

These guys are not only making substantial music they’re taking all of us along for the ride. Pour the moonshine, here are 3 Reasons Why Mustered Courage.


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cover foto by Jeff Hann


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