Quarantine Baby
7. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

FRESH! KITTY SOLARIS – Quarantine Baby

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by Walter Price

Relationship dynamics have twisted and reshaped over the past year or so during the trying and complicated pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. With moments of love, disdain, and all versions of connectivity intertwined unlike any of us has ever experienced before. But holding it together is a victory and the brand new single from multifaceted artist Kitty Solaris is a bare-bones pop song that understands the journey.

In a quote published on the Einen hab ich noch blog, Solaris gives some backstory [translated from German], “This ballad is inspired by my quarantine, during the first lockdown last year. I was happy to finally have the opportunity to relax and write new pieces. I wouldn’t have thought that the situation would last that long, but now I can hardly wait for the gigs and concerts to start again. I recorded this song spontaneously in the studio with Australian producer Damian Press. That’s why the vocals sound a bit brittle. I just didn’t want to change anything because the mood was captured so perfectly.”

And to add visual texture to the track, Solaris has teamed up once again with the talented editor Katja Kolesnik (see. Cold City/Supermoon/Easy) for the song’s music video. This one forgoes the multi-sourced vintage scenes for a straightforward storyline taken from a classic black-and-white film. The movie appears to be from the 1960s, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find its title. Nevertheless, the images self-explanatory; A couple at the crossroads of love and irritation, which fits the single’s intentions like a glove.

Solaris is an ever-transforming songwriter/performer/producer, and this new zeitgeist single, with all its subtle strength, is another brilliant variation of an artist in constant creative motion. You can stream “Quarantine Baby” and see its film, now at the GTC.

KITTY SOLARIS – Quarantine Baby

Photos by Olga Blackbird Photography

Written by Kitty Solaris
Produced by Damian Press at Neon Nursery/Berlin
Video by Katja Kolesnik
Film images, uncredited

Quarantine Baby

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You’re my Quarantine Baby
We spend a beautiful time
Reading books, taking walks
Watching movies
We don’t have to go out to feel groovy…

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