this life
19. February 2021 By Walter Price 0

…put things right, AMY ELLEN – This Life

Amy Ellen – This Life (single) is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

this life

by Walter Price

Amy Ellen has returned with a delicate new single, “This Life”. Influenced by “true-life events,”, Ellen and co-writer Axel McDonald lament on the people who fade in and out of our lives and the subsequent coping along the way. As the Irish singer-songwriter explains, “The song is inspired by true-life events, it touches on losing and gaining people in your life and outlines that some moments become memories we cherish and reflect on. I feel that it’s a subject that everyone can relate to, sometimes we fail to see the impact others have on us until they are no longer present and vice versa”.

Through a handful of beautiful singles, Ellen is starting to be recognized for her breezy vocal delivery that blends with the elements as well her ability for laying out vulnerable and relatable lyrics, and this one is no different. The added crunch here is the alt-rock guitar work that broadens her musical style and will appeal to fans of both folk and 90s modern rock. But, again, the overwhelming attraction is the singer’s sincerity. Nothing is forced, the story breaths, and the listener is made at ease with all the realities being shared.

You can stream “This Life” as well as Amy Ellen’s Top Spotify tracks, now at the GTC.


Artist photo by Maiden Moose Photography

Written by Amy Ellen and Axel McDonald

Produced by Axel McDonald
Recorded at Tsunami Studios by Sean Byrne and Adam J Wilson.
Mixing/mastering by Danny Bochkov

Artwork by Marion Letur

this life

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Amy Ellen is part of the emerging Irish indie-folk scene. Hailing from Dublin, her music is inspired indie-folk artists such as Laura Marling and Fleetwood Mac.” – bio

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