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5. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

I’m feelin’ here, SINGLE/VIDEO: PSYCHO COMEDY – I’m Numb

Psycho Comedy – Performance Space Number One is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

It’s increasingly easy to skip an email when ‘art-punk’ is in the subject line. Let’s face it, outside of a handful of modern exceptions like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio or Les Savy Fav and the like, the genre washed out when pop-punk made a mockery of all the street cred that Blondie, Generation X, Talking Heads, New York Dolls, etc slammed into the zeitgeist of yore.

This is now and straight outta Liverpool is an exciting art collective going by the name Psycho Comedy, and their fresh new single “I’m Numb”, has classic Bowery street glam written all over it. A ‘drugs’ are naughty and numbing rock n roll song that’ll take you back decades. As vocalist Shaun Powell is a force of authenticity and the lyrics are stark and cutting, and both are cradled by that pulsating Television-esque composition…Even the single’s artwork screams Warhol’s haunt, The Factory. All and all, this track is a stunner.

I’m Numb is taken from the band’s acclaimed LP, ‘Performance Space Number One’, and you can watch the in-house produced film for the track, below.


Artwork and PR provided by Sonic PR

Music video by Sophia R Powell

Album produced by Robert Whiteley

Psycho Comedy

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“In essence, ‘Performance Space Number One’ seeks to capture and depict on record the ephemeral mindset of the Psycho Comedy’s own vocalist, lyricist and frontman: Shaun Powell. Each of the 13 tracks that comprise the album individually derive something different from Powell’s conflicting psyche; from battling the harsh realism of modern life with the surrealist temptation of debauchery, darkness and nostalgia.” – bio

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