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In Her Own “a time when” Words: PEARLA – “Daydream” (single) [‘Quilting & Other Activities’]

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by Walter Price

If you feel a faint movement beneath your feet it’s probably the building groundswell for Brooklyn singer-songwriter Pearla and her forthcoming EP, ‘Quilting & Other Activities’. With NPR saying of her sound, “music worth getting lost in … stunning, ethereal, beautiful” and Consequence of Sound rightfully claiming, “…well on her way to mastering the art of self-awareness.”.

And those words are beautifully exemplified in her recent single “Daydream”. A track equal poetic parts disconsolate, expectation, and modesty.

In her own words…


You remind me of a time when everything was clear
Thoughts of you were honey on the bitter mornings here
And New York is a gray flower with the stem all painted black
And it tangles up everyone who dares to walk its path
And if my life is a small room with dust under the bed
Yours is a great field of green, we picnic up inside my head


I just need to daydream
I just need to daydream

You are collecting raindrops on a souvenir starfish
And on my ocean floor the rocks stood sharp, a tide pool harness
And I know you don’t know me well, we were just passing parades
But I’ve never known joy without worrying about how it will fade
Cus see I was drowned in darkness and mistook it all for love
A sickness I have cured but will now always feel the symptoms of


I just need to daydream
I just need to daydream

I can’t face the real thing

As relatable and tactile as the lyrics are, it’s the arrangement and production that will grab you by surprise. And, undoubtedly, will be considered just as important to the emotional journey as the well-crafted word structure. Similar to a psychedelic opera, the song’s unique and intricate tones, and sounds guide the drama. The instrumentation changing and twisting directions just as turbulent consciousness does. Stunning.


Article artist photo by Shervin Lainez

Co-produced by Pearla [Nicole Rodriguez] and Tyler Postiglione
Mixed by Phil Joly (The Strokes, Lana Del Rey)
Mastered by Sarah Register (The Shins, Big Thief)
Album artwork by mr.babies


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