Nobody's Girl
21. August 2018 By Walter Price 1

The Sirens of South Austin: Nobody’s Girl cover Tracy Chapman

Nobody’s Girl can be found on Instagram.

Nobody's Girl

by Walter Price


Funny story, back in 1989, fresh out of high school and about to embark on a short-lived stint at university in Austin Texas, I found myself at a stop light on Congress Avenue in my 1971 Ford F150. I noticed an old friend idling next to me. As we recognized each other and rolled our windows down, he was blasting Pantera and, me, Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”.A weird little moment in time that, for whatever reason, has stuck in my noggin.

This is now and that song has reentered my world. This time round via an Austin folk supergroup. Nobody’s Girl is Rebecca Loebe, BettySoo, and Grace Pettis and they take Tracy Chapman’s ode to love from the wrong direction and have added beautiful tactile harmonies and that subtle ATX memory inducing earthiness.

“It’s not really about a car at all, basically it’s about a relationship that doesn’t work out because it’s starting from the wrong place.” – Tracy Chapman 

Nobody’s Girl are taking their sounds on the road, check out their tour dates and their fresh take on “Fast Car” below. The folk trio’s debut EP, Waterline, will be released on September 28 via Lucky Hound Music.



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Fast Car” written by Tracy Chapman
Video produced by Jazz Mills
Filmed by The Lenz Twins
Edited by Sloane Lenz


27 September – Poor David’s Pub – Dallas, TX

28 September – Mucky Duck – Houston, TX

29 September – Saxon Pub – Austin, TX

30 September – Sam’s Burger Joint – San Antonio, TX

01 November – Natalie’s – Worthington, OH


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