Nikki Sixx
22. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

Nikki Sixx Voices Streaming Thoughts

“We have the power as the artists to raise awareness and change the future of the music

Nikki Sixx

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business.” – Nikki Sixx


In this ongoing debate about streaming services, Nikki Sixx recently took to his Facebook page with this knowledge:

He writes:

I’d like to talk about the pink elephant in the room for a minute.

A lot of artist’s are talking about Spotify right now and some might say its because they have new albums out. It could also be considered a good marketing tool because to be honest with you, it gets picked up a lot in the press. Just to be clear I too have a new album out and a new video for Sixx:A.M Any smart artist should know how to use the internet just like Bono, Taylor Swift and Dave Grohl are right now but that being said the pink elephant in the room is that YouTube is playing all of their music and they aren’t getting paid for it. They are making even less money from YouTube than Spotify so let’s not just target Spotify here.

A big unaddressed issue (and more important in my opinion) is that artists aren’t getting paid because of a term called “BREAKAGE”. That’s where the record companies have equity or take advances from the different streaming companies and never recoup them. Thus, never paying the Bono’s, Taylor’s, Dave’s and many, many, more. These artists should really be talking about that. But I think they may not know or are afraid that their labels (or distribution companies) won’t promote them if the tell that “dirty little secret.”

Also what are we doing to help new artists? We were all new artists once too. We’ve been around long enough that we should be addressing these issues to help new artists; exposing the things that are more than just roadblocks, the things that are actually sinkholes.

I don’t understand why the press never writes about it but hopefully they will start talking about breakage and how new artists can get more exposure. We have the power as the artists to raise awareness and change the future of the music business. Let’s use our brains to not only promote our music but to address the pink elephant in the room…

– Nikki Sixx