Nearby Pastures
17. August 2017 By Walter Price 0

Nearby Pastures go Track x Track new ‘Loose Teeth’ EP

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Nearby Pastures

by Walter Price


Spencer A. Simmons’ new project, Nearby Patures’ new EP, ‘Loose Teeth’, is a stunning four-track reflection on life’s realities. Societal trappings, restlessness, regret, and angst, all play roles here. Not in heavy-handed or daunting tomes, Yet, honest explorations cradled in sounds reminiscent of garaged-up Bright Eyes, at moments going further back with hints of early Cure, Dinosaur Jr.  The Cars, and even farther back with subtle hints of The Knack and.The Romantics. A poignant collection which is certainly one of the best EPs of the year.

Nearby Patures’ mixing engineer, producer, and main performer, Spencer A. Simmons was gracious enough to stop by to go Track by Track the new EP.


We Don’t Talk


I wrote We Don’t Talk while I was getting over a relationship. It’s a pretty accurate depiction of the way things were. It was kind of my way of telling that person all the things that were never said. We would run into each other often because we would go to the same events, and shared many of the same friends. This song tells the story of how hard that was; feeling like you’re still in touch with each other, but you never really talk.

The Price of a Grave


This song was my first endeavor with a hardware drum machine. I came up with the beat after some experimentation and knob-turning, and immediately knew it was going to be dark. The song isn’t just about being on the road and living out of your car, but doing so because there isn’t anything else keeping you where you are.

Wages of Labor


If the title of this one isn’t enough, the line “your life sentence starts with a couple weeks pay” should give it away. This song proposes many solutions to the grueling work week: jumping out of your office window, blowing all your money, riding a motorcycle across the US, and other various reckless behavior. I’ve worked so many menial jobs, and like most people, I always come to a point where I want to quit in a huge, boisterous way.

Partners in Crime


Partners in Crime is a fictional story about two business partners who eventually part ways, one stealing from the other in the process. It’s also a metaphor for love, which I make suggestions about throughout the song. I wanted to draw a comparison between the similarities of business and romantic relationships and point out how one can often feel like the other. I figured a “Bonnie and Clyde” scenario where the characters are partners in both crime and romance would do the trick.




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