Slammer vs. Musicians
5. July 2016 By Walter Price 0

Musicians vs. Prison

Musicians vs. PrisonMusicians vs. prison?

by Walter Price


Some of the best musicians, singers and notable music figures have their time in the spotlight and, at times, in the ole slammer. the pokey, the clink, or fängelse even. Listening to late great Red Simpson (never in prison) speak about Merle Haggard and his post prison ascension to music legend. This got me to thinking about other music heroes and their possible legal troubles.. Good clean fun.

And so, here are just 5 of the loads of musician former inmates I found.




Merle Haggard:  Robbery / 3 years


Leadbelly: Assault of a prostitute – Murder – Attempted murder  / 13 years total


Chuck Berry: Armed robbery – child labor and/or luring of a child across a border  /  2 years (est)


Sid Vicious:  Murder  /  59 days


Steve Earle:  Narcotics  /  60 days 





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