Mountain Goats
23. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Postcard from the gift shop, TRACK: THE MOUNTAIN GOATS – “Waylon Jennings Live!”

The Mountain Goats – In League with Dragons is available now via MERGE.

Mountain Goats

by Walter Price

The Mountain Goats are back with a brilliant new album, ‘In League with Dragons’ (Merge Records). Chock-full of literal and figurative Wizard Kings, Possums, Cadaver Dogs, alkaloids and Waylon Jennings.

Sure, the way John Darnielle and gang construct story songs centered around dark if not forbidden subject matters is now legendary. And on this album, the wordsmithery, twisty memories, and guilty smirks are at the band’s best. For example, track number nine, “Waylon Jennings Live!”, is as oddly playful as it is abstract and, well, kinda sad. The way I hear it is that this is a vignette from a never-finished memoir of a traveling musician.

Get a postcard from the gift shop
Let my family know I’m doing fine
Looking up at a map up on the ceiling
To find the place where we all meet up further on down the line

The imagery and sentiments of a road-weary soul, in an Iowa casino, burnt out and facing the inevitable next stop, whatever or wherever that may be. Check it out below, and see where it takes you…

the mountain goats

John Darnielle – Peter Hughes – Jon Wurster – Matt Douglas

In League with Dragons

Jon Wurster – drums & percussion 
Peter Hughes – bass 
Matt Douglas – woodwinds, guitars, vocals 
John Darnielle – guitars, vocals 
Thom Gill – guitars 
Johnny Spence – organ, Memorymoog, piano, Wurlitzer, synth 
Bram Gielen – guitars, piano, synth 
Owen Pallett – piano, organ, guitar 

Produced by Owen Pallett 
Engineered by Matt Ross-Spang 
Assisted by Lowell Reynolds 
Mixed by Shani Gandhi at Gates Avenue 
Recorded at Blackbird Studios, Nashville, Tennessee 
Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, North Carolina 

Artwork by Elton D’Souza 
Design by Daniel Murphy 

Mountain Goats

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