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26. January 2018 By Walter Price 0

MOLLY – “Glimpse”, when dream pop goes dark imaginations wander

Molly – Glimpse available on Bandcamp.


by Walter Price


I watched the video for MOLLY’s recent single “Glimpse” (from an EP of the same name) before I realized that the track had lyrics. Strange? Well, in ordinary circumstances, yes, but this is not a typical film nor song.

The video Johannes Kogler directed clip begins with and follows an elderly man, alone, rowing a boat across dark and calm waters. Immediately causing an uncomfortable feeling of isolation. As the clip continues the awareness of dread roots itself further into the consciousness. Then, as the boat slows to a stop and the man turns slowly and begins to argue with something we can not see. You could interpret everything up til now is a story of loneliness becoming madness…but, wait…like something out of a Guillermo del Toro film, a mysterious new character appears, a haunting and blindfolded little boy. Is he the man’s past? Or is the older man giving warning to a naive youth?

Is this a story of how life is fleeting and/or the body and mind will eventually ravage you? When I did eventually scroll down below the video and found the song’s lyrics, I found myself watching the film several more times.

Pretty faces we see,
when we grow up to all
we choose to believe.

Pretty faces reflect
echoes of sweet sweet days
past but not dead.

Pretty faces seem blind
as we’ve still got our milk teeth
growing inside.

Pretty faces will all
disappear in a glimpse
a glimpse of
time and space

I am not sure if my questions have been answered or if all the questions have even been asked. And that is all the better. Take in the video for “Glimpse” below and see what thoughts saturate your mind. When dream pop goes dark, synapses fire and imaginations wander.



Phillip Dornauer – Lars Andersson

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(article cover photo by Niko Havranek)

Idea: Johannes Kogler, Lars Andersson, Simone Oliveira, Serena Doss
Directing: Johannes Kogler
Old man: Mike Zangerl
Young boy: Lornez



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