Molly Parden
7. December 2018 By Walter Price 0

Three Reasons Why: The Evolving Sounds of Molly Parden + new single “Bolting Volts”

Molly Parden – “Bolting Volts” is available now @ iTunes.

Molly Parden

by Walter Price


One of my go-to rainy day and coffee singer-songwriters has been the phenomenal Molly Parden. With her ability to deliver beautifully earnest songs that I envision as extensions of her actual self. Airy realities fitting for drifting through these dark German Autumn days. And I’ve been known to eagerly drone on to folks about Parden’s soothing atmospheres. Often dialing up her acoustic performances which subsequently lead to a spin of her stellar ‘With Me In The Summer’ EP (2016). A true under the radar classic if there has ever been one.

This is now, and whether you prefer her stripped down YouTube offerings or her fully produced releases, a couple of things are certain. Molly Parden is authentic and immer-exolving. And with a recently released single, “Bolting Volts”,  cementing my sentiments, I thought it a great idea to share three of my favorite performances.

‘Bolting Volts* is available now via Tone Tree Music.

Recommended for fans of Lindsay White, Emma Swift, and Emmylou Harris.


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Things Change


Seasons Of Love


Kentucky, I


Bolting Volts

written by Molly Parden
produced by Juan Solorzano & Zachary Dyke
mixed and mastered by Patrick Damphier 
drums by Tommy Perkinson
bass, bari, electrics, additional keys by Juan Solorzano
vocals and keys by Molly

Photo by Marcus Maddox Photography
Art by Anna Ambrose
Design by Jordan Short


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