Leeona Emerald and Ariel Emerald
1. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

Mirage Nice & Perfect

Mirage Leeona Emerald and Ariel Emerald They’ll sculpt your face until you’re good…

by Walter Price


Right, the raw surface tones of “Nice & Perfect” are easily psych Nirvana and Offspring in a track that brings a refreshing dark-angst garage-rock not gonna take it lament.

Ontario Canada’s Mirage (Leeona Emerald and Ariel Emerald)  may have done their homework on American East Coast against the grain rock royalty to form their sound; but there is a certain on their own texture that I think is right up their with those they emulate. Can not wait to dig deeper into what this outfit has going on.

To be continued….


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