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Contemplative WKND SPIN: MINOR MOON – “An Opening” LP

Minor Moon – An Opening is available @ iTunes.

Minor Moon

by Walter Price



It’s no secret, the world shifting around us is in dramatic disarray. What’s next? What will tomorrow look like? Questions many are mulling. And Chicago’s Minor Moon are certainly concerned for the future. Their new album, ‘An Opening’, uses beautiful arrangements and contemplative lyrics to explore lingering dread. Although this may sound sad and alarming and perhaps a downer of a weekend spin, it isn’t. Sweeping landscapes created for this album ultimately inspire.

“I can be very cynical and take a dark view of things, but that cynicism is rooted so much in a desire for hope and for a better world – you have to acknowledge the pain of that cynicism.” – Sam Cantor

If you long for thought-provoking rock reminiscent of jazz-infused fare from the heyday of 1970s FM radio with elements of modern Beirut and Bon Iver, then ‘An Opening’ is for you.



Sam Cantor * Michael Downing * Colin Drozdoff * Nathan Bojko

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