Everyone Is Dirty This December
6. October 2018 By Walter Price 0

EVERYONE IS DIRTY – “Mermaid” from the ‘My Neon’s Dead’ LP

Mermaid is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


The space oddity video for Everyone Is Dirty’s “Mermaid” is the only music B-movie that brings trippy possibly gender-neutral and perhaps vampiric outer space aliens to California to pass some much-needed judgment and zap some freaks. The track, a psych-pop dream, is, lyrically, beautifully bizarre…”I went down on this guy on the corner of Mission & 9th, went down on this guy, on the corner of Mission and 9th, 9th, Where u from girl, space alien, you’re a mermaid. Where u from girl, space alien, you’re a mermaid. I came down from the sky on the corner of Mission and 9th. Got so fucking high with my piercing my piercing laser eye, eye…”.

Whatever this track’s lyrics, and its Sarah Rattay Maloney and Sivan Lioncub directed video are saying about society, is still a bit confusing to me, but who cares. This is a song that intrigues, and I guess that is the ultimate outcome. I LIKE YOU!

The truth is out there…

The track is taken from the band’s tasty ‘My Neon’s Dead’.



Sivan Lioncub – Christopher Daddio – Tyler English – Jake Kopulsky

website / bandcamp

Article Cover Band Photo: Ginger Fierstein

Video Credits:

Co-directed by Sarah Rattay Maloney and Sivan Lioncub
DOP – Sarah Rattay Maloney
Edited by Sivan and Sarah
Recorded & mixed at Donut Time Audio
with underwater projections by White Light Prism
Starring The Beautiful…
Buster The Dog
Tyler English
Sivan Lioncub
Christopher Daddio
Tony Sales
Georgia Fox Sales
Rachel Sager Sales
Frances Kubiszewski
Mayya Feygina
Natasha Jong
Elsa Tanoukhi
Nico Daddio
Charley De zorto
Joseph Hitchcock
Heidi Espinoza
Nick Jong
Corin Scher
Scott Franklin
Alex Dewall
Ethan Chang
Dan Poppe
Austin Thomas
With help & love from
the bubble boys aka
Will Maloney
Mark Dotterweich
The SF Rock Project
the extra love and care of
Xochilt Sanchez
Marissa Lee
Laura Rattay

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