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Meet The Naysayers

By Walter Price

The GTC would like to introduce Nathaniel, Gordon, Simon & Harrie who are Australia’s very own The Naysayers!

This no frill and all thrills garage-rock punk inspired group of guys have recently released their EP Dee Eye Why (Or How We Lost All Our Money And Decided To Record It Ourselves). Clever title indeed. 

I had the chance to ask these up and coming rockers a few introductory questions:

Where are you guys from and who is in the band?
The Naysayers call Melbourne AUS home, though all of us hail from around Australia and beyond. Gordon (guitar + vox) and Nathaniel (bass + vox) are from Perth WA, Simon (drums) is from Christ Church NZ and Harrie (guitar + vox) is a born and raised Melbournian.

When did you get this band started?
The Naysayers started with Gordon and Nathaniel a few years back in Perth WA, where the two met through the local music scene, became best friends, and decided it would be fun to try writing some stuff together. About 6 months and many drunken song writing sessions later they decided a change in location was in order and moved to the great city of Melbourne. After finding their feet they met Simon who took on drum duties. Together they put out the three track EP ‘It Goes Like this’ and gigged extensively over the next 12 months. Through their travels they met Harrie who decided they needed an extra guitarist. The others agreed and thus The Naysayers line up was completed and the rest is history.

What should the world know about The Naysayers?
Despite everyone saying not to listen to The Naysayers, you really should . We’re alright.

Well played sirs! 

We truly look forward to hearing more form these rockers very soon…

The Naysayers: Facebook. Website. Twitter. SoundCloud.

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