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Golden Kanine Dates

“We Were Wrong, Right” Out 5 Oct 2013

Great News! The genre mixing Swedish group Golden Kanine have announced road dates via their website.

We’ve loved their effortless blending of folk, rock and singer/songwriter styles since they hit the musical landscape with Scissors & Happiness  back in 2009. This band is a musical cocktail that will please even the hardened of music connoisseurs. 

GK will be out in support of, their third album, We Were Wrong, Right?, out 5 October 2013 (Glitterhouse Records)This will be a another grand show to spend your rent money on!

β€œWe Were Wrong, Right” is the third album by the acclaimed Swedish six-piece. The sonic noise of indie rock, the delicate and intimate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music – combined with songs, melodies and drive that make you either sigh or cry. Or fight. Or dance.” – Golden Kanine (from their official bio)

We hope to see you at a show GTC Friends…

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Tour Dates:

19 Nov  – Frankfurt 
20 Nov – Bochum
21 Nov -Marburg 
22 Nov – NΓΌrnberg 
23 Nov – Hannover 
24 Nov – Hamburg 

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