28. November 2013 By Walter Price 0

Meet A. Michael Uhlmann (Guest Contributor)

We are happy to announce a new guest contributor to The GTC, A. Michael Uhlmann.

Michael is our Swiss-Texan friend who knows his way around the Austin and world music scenes and the ole BBQ. Killer attributes for sure! A man on a mission to discover authentic sounds and preserve the legacy of the true talents of the past.

Here is a bit more about Michael from his own mouth…

“After 35 years in the music business, I still stretch my ears every day to hear some more inspiring music. Having been a DJ, journalist, booking agent, personal and tour manager, record and event producer and photographer I covered almost all the aspects of the DO-RE-MI. My ex-wife claimed that I’m married to the music and not her- she was dead on, I’m still single. For me, there are only two kinds of music, the sounds I’m familiar with and the sounds I still have to listen to.”

“Even though deeply rooted in traditional country music, I listen to anything that makes my soul swing and still love to share discoveries with a broader audience. Born in Europe, therefor being multilingual also makes me listen to non-English recordings. After moving to the self proclaimed “Live Music Capital Of The World”, Austin more than 20 years ago, I now also offer “tours” for visiting foreigners to explore the real Honky Tonks and dives in this magnificent Texas city.” – A. Michael Uhlmann

We’re glad to have you Michael!

A. Michael Uhlmann: Facebook. / Website. / Blog.