Mazey Haze
22. November 2021 By Walter Price 0

…dance while you’re sad, MAZEY HAZE Always Dancing

Mazey Haze – Always Dancing EP is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer.

Mazey Haze

by Walter Price

Amsterdam’s Mazey Haze is making sad songs that you can dance to. And her recent EP, ‘Always Dancing’, has a jangle-pop airiness and post-disco groove throughout that’ll not only make you move, but it’ll take you on 5 personal journeys of love, loss, and empowering perseverance.

Mazey Haze’s vocals never really dip down below the clouds as her band of meticulous backing players layout funky bass lines and dreamy soundscapes. An indelible blend that’s as retro as it is in the bedroom pop vibes of now. And, unlike many of her contemporaries, she gives credit where credit is due. Listing all the contributors that made this stunning album possible. So, brilliant songwriting and arrangements that transcend time and respect for the crafters that helped make it all happen? Let’s hope that this songwriter finds the wider audience she deserves. Respect.

And if her lush melancholic songs weren’t enough, she has two music videos from this EP that look like eras past. “Sad Lonely Groove” and “Don’t Care”, that have the aesthetics of the 80s and the late 1970s, respectively. Stylish visuals to match up with an already addictive EP? Again, respect.

You can stream the full ‘Always Dancing’ EP on Spotify and see the before-mentioned music videos, now at the GTC.


Sad Lonely Groove + Don’t Care

Music by Sam Verbeek & Nadine Appeldoorn
Lyrics by Nadine Appeldoorn
Production by Sam Verbeek
Mixed by Nicolas Vernhes
Mastered by Joe Lambert

Cam: Fee Oomes
Edit: Nadine Appeldoorn/Jorge Duarte

Article cover photo via Facebook

Music by Simon Christiaanse & Nadine Appeldoorn
Lyrics by Nadine Appeldoorn
Production by Sam Verbeek & Nadine Appeldoorn
Mixed by Sam Verbeek & Nadine Appeldoorn
Mastered by Joe Lambert

Video credits:
Directed by: Pasqual Amade
Director of Photography: Roland Delderfield
Edited by: Pasqual Amade

Nadine Appeldoorn as Mazey Haze
Denzel Sprenkeling as Johnny Wavelamp

Mazey Haze

facebook // instagram // website

Hello I am Mazey Haze and I try to make music you can dance to while you’re sad.” – Mazey Haze, Bandcamp

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