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10. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

…the only thing I have on, MARGO PRICE (feat. Sharon Van Etten) Radio

Margo Price Radio, the Strays LP, is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Concord

Margo Price Radio

by Walter Price

In a world littered with Twitter armchair reviewers and TikTok attention sucks, it’s pretty challenging to say fuck’em, disconnect, spark up, and let tunes reshape your psyche…even if for only an afternoon with nothin’ on but the Radio. And what if you’re a fan of the incomparable Sharon Van Etten and what better tribute than to record a song in the style of and have said singer-songwriter guest on it…Margo Price’s recent single “Radio” is all this.

Taken from her well-received masterclass in eclectic vibes “Strays” LP, this single speaks to the powers of letting go of all the negative energies from outside forces and going your own unencumbered way. “There’s a real freedom about being completely truthful about who I am, flaws and all and that’s what I was trying to capture in this song”, Price recounts. And to add to the psych-pop tone, the Bella Mazzola-directed music video is a smoke-filled 1970s daydream. Price getting loose, AM radio turned up and the TV, on in the background, playing Van Etten on a chorus loop…and a reminder to tip your pizza delivery person to boot. What a trip.

Margo Price’s “Strays” will be an absolute shoo-in for many Top Album of the Year lists, award nominations, countless playlists, and memory-making sing-a-longs for the foreseeable future, and empowering singles like “Radio” will leave indelible marks on all that hears it.

You can stream “Radio” and check out its dancing-with-myself music video, here at Global Texan.

MARGO PRICE (feat. Sharon Van Etten) Radio

Artist photo by Angelina Castillo for Margo-Grass // Quotes courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Produced by Margo Price and Jonathan Wilson

VIDEO: Directed and Edited by Bella Mazzola
Cinematographer – Steve Voss

Starring: Margo Price, Sharon Van Etten & Tiffany Minton (Pizza Delivery Person)

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The melody came to me when I was walking in the woods. I hummed the tune into my phone and when I got home, I picked up the guitar and made a demo. I sent it to Sharon and asked for her feedback, which she graciously gave. She helped me write some of the words and then went into the studio adding multiple layers of harmonies. Her voice is so strong, so haunting, when she sent me back the demo of her singing it, I got chills all over. I knew right then that this song had to go on the album.” – Margo Price

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