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3. April 2015 By Walter Price 0

Mammoth Mammoth Vol. IV Hammered Again

Mammoth Mammoth vol IVby Walter Price   Mammoth Mammoth bring new meanings to modern hard Rock N’ Roll on their recently released Volume IV: Hammered Again (Napalm). A kick ass album loaded with swagger, elements of raucous classic rock heroes, personal depths, heavy barroom electricity, darkness and enough wink and a smile to trip out the hardest of music aficionados. The Australian outfit know how to make any subject matter a full out gut twisting jam. Sex, drugs and Rock N’ Roll are historically rock staples and Mammoth Mammoth deliver these elements in spades with added whiskey drenched soul and pedal to the metal earnest fuck it all. Vol IV excels in its honest no gimmicks, no excuses approach to rock. Refreshing, loud, poignant and timeless. Hit play on the the video for a GTC exclusive track by track of Volume IV: Hammered Again from Mikey Tucker and Frank “Bones”Trobbiani.   MAMMOTH MAMMOTH: Facebook / Website / Twitter