Nature of Wires Possibilities
29. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

NATURE of WIRES + MACHINA X Possibilities

Nature of Wires + Machina X Possibilities is available on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify

MACHINA X Possibilities

by Walter Price

Coming together, Nature of Wires + Machina X recently posted on Bandcamp about their latest release Possibilities, “We are delighted to present the newest offering from Nature of Wires + Machina X for your listening pleasure! – – – A positive, upbeat and crowd-pleasing 3.5 minutes of bright, breezy synths, solid basslines, and optimistically defiant vocals combine in anthemic joy, to offer a momentary respite from judgement and negativity.”

And we couldn’t agree more, but I would be remiss to mention that there is plenty of Book of Love, Alison Moyet, Anything Box-era post-punk synth DNA coursing through this single’s veins. Guided by the dreamy softness of Annie James’ vocals and driven deep into the late-night dance club vibes of Gary Watts/James’ meticulous production/arrangement. An authentic throwback track with a surprisingly romantic outlook that only artists of this caliber could achieve.

Don your best punk rock flourishments, draw on your eyeliner, and stream “Possibilities”, here at the GTC.

NATURE of WIRES + MACHINA X Possibilities

Artists photo via Facebook

Music & Words – Gary Watts, Annie James

Performed, Recorded & Produced by Nature of Wires / Machina X

Artwork – Gary & Annie

NoW // Machina X

We are fish swimming in the sea
We are the kites blowing in the breeze
We love how, where and when we please
Wanna be our own possibilities

All that we could be
That we could do
If you could see
We are full of possibilities…

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