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3 Reasons Why Lydia Loveless Real

Lydia Loveless Real Out Now. Lydia Loveless by Walter Price   Last week I was having another listen to Lydia Loveless’ fittingly titled album Real and as with all previous listens I knew I loved it. But did I dig the artist herself? A question I’ve kicked around for the past few years. And just by chance, I was told about an interview she did with Chris Shiflett’s Walking The Floor podcast. I had a listen. In a fast 42 minutes or so I heard what sounded like a more mature, nearing grounded person. An artist coming into her own. Taking the reins of a still young career and going her own way. Overall, just like the progression of her album releases, Loveless is in perpetual metamorphoses. I can dig it. Her latest release, Real, is a blended and unapologetic collection of authentic tones and tactile influences. This isn’t a ‘country’ album. Real is personalities that can not and will not be pigeonholed. The modern world is trying to aggressively put labels on things, situations and folks. For me, Real is an escape from all that. Let’s go 3 Reasons Why Lydia Loveless Real.  

Lydia Loveless – “Longer”

Director/editor: Gorman Bechard Producer: Dorothy Schultz Cinematographer: Adrian Peng Correia Makeup/hair: Jackie Zbuska Assistant camera: Cassia Armstrong Still photography: Sarah Hajtol Featuring Monique Demopoulos  


Director/editor: Gorman Bechard Assistant camera: Cassia Armstrong Production assistants: Sarah Hajtol, Jay Smales  


Directed by Gorman Bechard Edited by Isabella Germano Shot by Cassia Armstrong & Gorman Bechard Production Assistants: Sarah Hajtol & Jay Smales Featuring Logan Barton as Tiddlywinks  


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