Luke Hogan
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In His Own Lyrics: LUKE HOGAN – “Neon” [Thank You Stranger LP]

Luke Hogan – Thank You Stranger, is available @ Apple Music.

Luke Hogan

by Walter Price

You can run, but you will never leave you behind. Luke Hogan’s track “Neon”, a song that first appeared on his 2016 EP, ‘Nomad’, and now features on his meticulously eclectic new ‘Thank You Stranger’ LP, is a lament on not being able to outsmart your complicated realities. Time to go headlong, right where you are, and face your actualities…

In his own lyrics…

I can’t see where I’m crossing the river
Closing my eyes, laughing at the night
And you write, and you write, and you write
So many reasons you waste your time

But I can’t find
A place for these worried
Eyes of mine
To fix a gaze

And it’s all, it’s all of the time
Between the bedsheets, and in your mind
It’s all, it’s all of the time

Staring at the words, letter after letter
Waiting my turn, it seems forever
And all my trials, trivial they may be
I can’t see no end to it all

And it’s always, always mine
I thought you loved me, but you left me behind
And it’s closing, closing time
Fade out that neon on the open sign

Fade out that neon on the open sign

Moving on? It’ll never be that easy…


“I connect with records on a very personal level. My hope for this record is that it may be there for others in the same way that some of my favorite records were there for me. To me, that would mean ‘success.’” – L. Hogan

Luke Hogan

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Artist photo by Callie Bowen @ Shady Pines Media