Lucy Rose
20. July 2017 By Walter Price 0

NEW VIDEO: Lucy Rose – “No Good At All”

Lucy Rose – ‘Something’s Changing’ can be ordered here.

Lucy Rose

by Walter Price


Lucy Rose“What song is that?”, I asked my friend. “I think it’s the new one from Lucy Rose.”, she replied. “Is it a Carpenters song?”, I pressed. “Who are The Carpenters?”, she squeaked.

Until last week I had never heard of the talented Lucy Rose. The introduction song I had heard and confused for The “No Good At All”, and I was eagerly amused when I found the video. A clip that recalls the nineteen-seventies in perfection. The era when Carole, King, Carly Simon, and, yes, The Carpenters reigned supreme at pop-radio.

The track, taken from the album ‘Somethin’s Changing’, is an earthy smooth light funked-up R&B arrangement cradling Rose’ teasingly subtle delivery. The kind of song, again 1970’s reference, you’d find four-decades ago. In a natural earnest way. Nothing contrived or misused. Refreshing.

I’m off to dig into the album.

to be continued



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