21. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Lowland Hum: The Good Life

By C. Price

5 more things you should know about Lowland Hum’s Lauren & Daniel Goans.

Three things that are still on your bucket list?
Not sure we have an exact bucket list, but there are lots of things that we’ve talked about wanting to do someday!  Here are three:
  1. We’d love to have a garden that supplies a significant amount of our diet
  2. We’d like to live somewhere in Europe for a decent amount of time, maybe a few years. 
  3. We heard about these treehouses in Costa Rica that have a zero carbon footprint. We’d really enjoy staying in one for a bit someday.-Lauren

Three songs that will be part of your life forever?
Man, this is a tough one. Here’s an attempt at an answer:
“Astral Weeks” – Van Morrison
“Song for Woody” – Bob Dylan
“The Big Payback” – James Brown 
–Lauren & Daniel

Worst venue you’ve ever played in?
We were once scheduled for a tour in Florida of heavy metal venues.  Our music just didn’t work very well in those spaces, so I’d just pick one of those as the “worst live experience”.  I think the venues would have been great…if we played music in a different genre. – Daniel 

One Nasty habit you can’t live without?
We are trying to live without our nasty habits. One is late night popcorn binges. Actually, that one we won’t live without.  The rest have got to go though. –Lauren

Would you leave your phone at home for at least one day?
Yes. I hope to for many days in the future! Lauren already does this on a regular basis. –Daniel 

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