Lottie Eve & Eve
27. May 2022 By Walter Price 0

…theme of LGBTQ+ pride, LOTTIE Eve & Eve LP

Lottie Eve & Eve is available on Flipside, Bandcamp, Deezer

Lottie Eve & Eve

by Walter Price

Recently I started headlong into the beautiful and open world of UK LGTBQ+ singer-singer Lottie’s “Eve & Eve” LP (2021). It was co-produced by Hangi Tavakoli and BADCOMBINA, and both deserve a ton of credit for letting the 10 tracks breathe their raw and certainly vulnerable truths. When producers and songwriters land on the same page, it’s magic.

In what appears to be a press release posted on the UK storyteller’s Bandcamp page, the album is described as, “Eve & Eve…Commensurate with Lottie’s earlier works, there is a strong theme of LGBTQ+ pride and the lyrics are written from a lesbian viewpoint. Lottie explores the many different facets of love as well as struggles with missing home, not fitting in, and getting started in the music industry. Eve & Eve offers a new variety and flair to Lottie’s discography whilst maintaining her distinctive, honest sound.”

If you need a starting point before committing fully to this brilliant album, I’d suggest the following: The whimsical Sade-vibes of “She Was Mine”, the bare-bones piano-driven “Honey”, or perhaps the near anthem feel of “City Lights” will spark your interest. It’s a win-win whichever way you go. The point here is that “Eve & Eve” is an emotional and shining gem that needs to be experienced.

This is now and Lottie also has a fresh collaboration with Badcombina called “I’m Coming Over”, and you stream it as well as “Eve & Eve” in full, here at the GTC.

…theme of LGBTQ+ pride, Eve & Eve LP

Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes via Bandcamp

Performed by: Lottie
Written by: Lottie, Hangi Tavakoli, BADCOMBINA, Chen Yuan Jasmine, SWAN
Produced/Engineered by: Hangi Tavakoli, BADCOMBINA
Recorded at: Flipside Productions and Marketing
Photography: Adree Chan

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British singer, songwriter and producer lottie wears her heart on her sleeve with her intimate lyrics and smooth vocals. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, lottie has a unique sound and viewpoint that match seamlessly with the producing expertise of Hangi Tavakoli. Her songs fall into the genres of indie and pop in a way that is distinctly lottie.” – bio

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