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SKATING POLLY – “Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy”

Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy from the Make It All Show album, availöable on iTunes.

little girl blue

by Walter Price


For me, not many songs are both powerful and perplexing. The new single from Skating Poll, “Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy” is one of these rare songs. After a bottomless afternoon on repeat, I’m pretty sure that the acrimony, strength, and stubbornness has to do with the complications of wanting something to end as you sadly yearn for it to stay.

I see forty weeks trying to please for ivory
I could see forty weeks trying to please
But I’m always coming up short
And my temper’s too short

Or is this a song about the struggles of unhappiness?

So all aboard
Little girl blue, why aren’t ya fighting here with me?
Well I got fed up with the battle envy
And I got fed up with my commanders and chiefs
All aboard
Everybody thinks they can teach
Everybody can get pretty mean
Everybody thinks they can see
The best choice for me
“wait wait wait”
Never mind that you’re holding a grenade
Steer the ship or we’re all gonna sink
You’re gonna make me faint

There seems to be obvious indications of this song being from the perspective of a soldier or sailor. Is this too blatant for such a talented songwriter? No, and this subject matter is as timely today as any other.  The video helps lean into this theory. Soldier’s helmet, the game Battleship, and the daunting beach scenery…

With my obvious varying thoughts about this track, I do know that I can’t immediately think of another song with this sort of lyrical structure. It’s a modern-day story-song. Maybe not in conventional terms, but there is a powerful drama unfolding. And whatever turmoil caused this song to exist, sorry it happened and thank you for the outcome.

Ultimately, whichever way you decipher this single, a couple things are certain. First, Skating Polly is laying down some of the crunchiest ‘ugly pop’, ever. Secondly, their latest album will be considered a masterpiece of a generation.



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Video directed by Thomas Massenat.


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