Little Coyote
13. March 2019 By Walter Price 0

A Lynch-esque Haunting Release: LITTLE COYOTE – “Witness”

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Little Coyote

by Walter Price


In the same vein that David Lynch has the ability to create intricate storylines that often cause debate, Little Coyote’s (Teagan Johnston) recent single “Witness” is as hauntingly beautiful as it is complicated. Are the shadowy numb lyrics a cry for help? The daunting realities of abuse? The regretful acceptance of one’s darkness? Depending on your personal experiences, I expect this track to slide into your ever-transitional narrative. And that is the beauty of delicately powerful songwriting.

Can I get a witness?
Just wanted you to kiss it better
Can I get a witness?
If you never did this I’d be better

If you love the music of Kate Bush and/or Maija Sofia, you’ll dig this.


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Produced by Erin Tonkon
Written by Little Coyote

Drums – Parker Kindred
Bass – Sean Liljequist
Piano, Synth, Vocals – Little Coyote

Recorded at Atomic Sound Brooklyn, NY

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