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Lee Ann Womack “Chances Are”

Lee Ann Womack videos Could I lay down my foolish pride / And maybe finally find my heart a home…

by A. Michael Uhlmann


Quite as a surprise comes the “new” video by Lee Ann Womack of her fabulous 2014 album “The Way I’m Livin’.” The featured song, Hayes Carll’s “Chances Are” was already featured for almost a year and a half as a record studio performance video by record company Sugar Hill on YouTube and released as a single in October of last year, but with no remarkable chart action. The song and its album performance were also nominated for this year’s Grammy Awards for Carll as “Song of the Year” (Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna and Liz Rose won for Lady Antebellum’s “Girl Crush”) and “Best Country Solo Performance” (Chris Stapelton won for “Traveller”.)

The record label, Sugar Hill got sold in March 2015 to the Concord Music group and that’s where things get a little bit speculative, as the new video is released by user “ccountry93” and not a record label.

But by all means, that doesn’t really matter, it’s a killer song and Roger Pistole did a great job of capturing the singer in some really nice “high key” shots, with sun almost putting an eerie, blinding light to capture the lyrics of uncertainty:

I have watched the world go by, hand in hand
And wondered why I’m still so alone
Could I lay down my foolish pride
And maybe finally find my heart a home

That it was filmed at Texas oldest dancehall, Gruene Hall in New Braunfels helps too, instead of the flash and thunder this has become a calm, soothing video, putting the emphasis on the song and not on the surroundings. As an extra, it’s cool to see Owen Temple’s poster on the wall at Gruene.

On her website Womack is quoted: “Roger and I wanted to do something that was a departure, but also captured the essence of Texas, that vibe it has… and also how people can feel so isolated by their own decisions. We knew it was unconventional, but it really captures what the song is holding – and it shows the Texas that’s not so obvious, but has so much soul to it.”

CMT picked the video up and premiered it for a week, before it’s availability on YouTube. Let’s hope that the video creates enough buzz to make that single finally crack the charts and being recognized for what it really is – a “classic” country song.


Here’s the original by Hayes Carll recorded at 2010 Americana Music Festival



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