28. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

LeAnn Rimes Is Doing It Again

Country songstress and more than often media warrior, LeAnn Rimes, will soon see some other parts of the world outside the US on her Spitfire Tour. 

Coincidentally LeAnn’s latest release via Curb Records is also called Spitfire. Now that will be easy to remember!

I guess we all know Rimes has been recording records, winning awards and maintaining a enduring fan-base for over 20 tears now. But, in recent years, what seems to get lost midst all of Rimes’ media battles is that she has recorded two of the best country albums in her career or anyone’s career for that matter. Lady & Gentlemen (’11) and this year’s Spitfire.

Spitfire was first released in the UK, Germany and Australia in April of this year and later in the US in June. 

And again, LeAnn has a critical darling of a record under her belt. The down side is that sales seem to be a bit sluggish on this one in the US. I would bet the farm this is due to all of the overexposure she has been getting in the media over silliness celebs find themselves in. 

Maybe this album can get LeAnn back on track. Focusing more on her master craft and not the goofiness of a Hollywood celebrity. Maybe a move to the country would help…

“I feel like musically, this album probably lends itself to the more traditional country than anything on country radio,” she notes. “It was nice to be able to take a breath with Lady & Gentlemen and go back and dig into some of those classic country songs recorded by men. And it was really important, I think, in the whole picture to do that. Because it actually influenced the sound of Spitfire. Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that going back and falling in love with older-school country music really influenced this record…All of those men, you know, never shied away from writing honest lyrics about what they were living.” LeAnn Rimes (In a Wendy Geller article RollingStone.com)

So go pick up a fresh copy of Spitfire and get your country ON!

Then try to check her out on her world tour.

Non-US Tour Dates

10 Sep. – Belfast
12 Sep – Dublin
14 Sep – Birmingham, UK
15 Sep – Glasgow
16 Sep – Manchester 
18 Sep – London
20 & 21 Sep – Gstaad, Switzerland
16 Nov – Taipei City

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