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7. September 2021 By Walter Price 0

…until the sun comes up, RICH GIRLS La Novia

Rich Girl – La Novia is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

The latest single “La Novia” from NY, NY-based shadow rockers Rich Girls surprisingly paints what could be a positive picture of all the fanciful thoughts of the future one twirls in just before a holy union. Endless sunrises, California dreamin’, financial stability in the big city, and whatever other fairytales a young woman is promised on her way to the alter. But these lyrics come from the mind of Luisa Black, so, although these scenes seem pretty hopeful, I have a sneaky feeling that, perhaps, things aren’t really what they seem. Is there an unavoidable tragic end we, the listeners, aren’t privy to? With Black’s songwriting history in mind, I’d have to say that it’s very possible. But who says we need to know the ending anyway. It could be ever-evolving… And a mystery is the spice of life, I’ve heard.

With production and drums by Sean Beresford and music by Black, this song may feel a bit of a departure from previous singles. Not too far from, but there is certainly more of a Gothier, and fewer bells, version of what Book of Love would have delivered back in their heyday. But no worries needed longtime fans, Black’s signature drawn-out vocal delivery is intact, this time it’s coupled with a true pop undercurrent and it’s a damn good look at what this outfit could be with coming efforts.

How autobiographical is this song? You can decide for yourself as you stream “La Novia” as well as Rich Girls’ Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.


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Artist photo via Twitter

All music by Luisa Black
Produced by Sean Beresford
Sean Beresford played drums

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“Rich Girls is an American garage rock band led by Luisa Black. The band formed around a series of dark pop demos Black wrote and recorded while living in London after the breakup of her SF garage trio The Blacks. The result was The One I Want, a pop confessional of love and addiction released on Tricycle Records in 2013. A second EP, FIVER, quickly followed, cementing the Rich Girls high/low sound. The band has since found a small following in unexpected outposts across the UK and Europe.” – bio

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