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VIDEO: KONTRAVOID ft. S.L.U.T. Maskerade

Kontravoid – Faceless EP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer.

by Walter Price

If you grew up in the heyday of late-night, blacked-out nightclubs of the mid to late 1980s, the recent EP, ‘Faceless‘, from techno producer Kontravoid will transport you straight back to those dank, smokey, teeth grinding haunts. If you’re in the mood to dawn your darkest attire and long to dance with abandoned fingers spread apart and stretched toward the unknown, check out the music video for “Mascarade”.

Directed by Caitlin Driscoll and Jae Matthews and featuring the goth-Madonna vocal ambiance of S.L.U.T., these visuals are a hypnotic nod to the glory days of heavily induced gatherings of rapturous nocturnal body twisting beings. In a YouTube post, the music video’s inspiration is explained, “Inspired by documentation of Stratus Dance Club, an all-ages club that catered to new romantics and goth youth during the mid/late 1980s.”

While many try to emulate what once was, Kontravoid is no imitation and the time-traveling vibes are as authentic as anything you’ll hear and see in the here and now. You can almost taste the ecstasy of the hallowed old club days.

KONTRAVOID ft. S.L.U.T. Maskerade

Artist photo via Facebook

Directed by Caitlin Driscoll and Jae Matthews
DP: Caitlin Driscoll
Color and analog grade: Sean McGuirk
Gaffer: Lily Sarosi
Wardrobe: Kimberly Tutor
MU: Emily Hunerwadel and Patty O’Neil

Faceless: Music written/produced by Cameron Findlay
Photography/design by Jess Garten (Flashbodies)
Mixing/mastering by Ewan Kay at Candle Recording
Maskerade co-written with Alessandra Genovese (S.L.U.T.)
Recoil samples MVTANT “Touch”


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And the color
This fascination
Makes me salve to the end
The future’s calling
To hear the promise
No hesitation
And I can’t wait to give in

Afraid of something real?
Afraid to hide

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