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GOING DARK: KLAMMER – “Modern God” (plus Steve Dutton directed video)

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by Walter Price


We are in one of the most uncertain eras in modern history. The bizarre political atmospheres in nearly every country on the planet. pop culture and social media producing false and unimportant idols, the gaps between the have-nots and the haves ever-widening, and people are hungrier than ever for some sort of salvation.

UK’s post-punk veterans, Klammer, have released a chilling track that I interpret as an examination of these plights. The track is “Modern God” from their forthcoming album, You Have Been Processed via Under Dogz Records.

And so it seems in current days
We’re all content when sunlight plays
On silver streams and forest tops
And nectar flows from golden cups

There is an urgency that builds as it maintains a solid classic goth tone as the haunting commentary twists its blade deeper into your social consciousness.

By and by don’t try and feel
But seek to find and die not yield
Fear is a weapon and life a school
This modern god keeps ancient rules

Brilliantly gloomy and pertinent.  And if I have this song misconstrued and it’s actually about a shitty breakfast or a bastardly bartender, I’ll kick myself in the ear. I’ll polish my boots, just in case.


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