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15. March 2018 By Walter Price 0

NEW (Berlin) SOUNDS: Kitty Solaris – “Cold City”

Kitty Solaris is available on iTunes.

Kitty Solaris

by Walter Price


When folks back in The States ask me about Berlin I more often than not say, “Leipzig is akin to Austin and Berlin is like New York.”. Which, until now, was pretty accurate. Then I came across this new single from German indie-pop star Kitty Solaris called “Cold City”. A track that could have been recorded in the 1970’s New York underground scene. A thumping understated rocker bestowing the haunting late-night virtues of the hallowed Berlin club scene.  Think about it this way, if the Rich Girls were German they may have sounded like this. The instant and staying attraction is Solaris’ sultry low growl of a purr in verse delivery backed by that undeniable soundtrack.

You can check out the Jean de Oliveira homegrown video for the track below. Kudos.



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